Transformation & Empowerment

A significant area of Sharon’s professional activity is in work which seeks to bring about organisational transformation through:

  • effectively managing diversity;
  • eliminating all forms of discrimination;
  • joint problem-solving; and
  • empowering employees as leaders, individuals and members of teams.

Sharon’s Approach

Sharon’s many years working in the areas of conflict management and organisational development have reinforced her belief that successful organisational transformation and effective conflict management, starts with personal transformation and self-management. So, while she works within organisations, her focus is very much on connecting with and giving a voice to the individuals who make up the organisation.

Sharon believes strongly in the power of storytelling to connect people across racial and cultural differences, at the same time as providing a vehicle to reveal and celebrate differences and uniqueness.

She is intrigued by peoples’ stories and the way in which each person’s own story provides the foundation for his/her journey towards personal transformation and fulfilment in a constantly changing context. Her transformational work incorporates story telling as a critical ingredient.

Sharon’s Experience

She has been extensively involved in a range of transformation and empowerment initiatives from building companies’ capacity for understanding and complying with legislative requirements, to conducting discrimination and diversity audits, to facilitating experiential processes which invite individuals and organisations to engage at a much deeper level with issues of discrimination, prejudice and diversity.

Sharon’s work in this area has seen her operating in a variety of settings from corporate boardrooms to fire-side storytelling with groups ranging in level from senior executives to A1 grade mine workers.