For almost 20 years, Sharon has been extensively involved in capacity building through skills and content-based training, in a broad range of areas including conflict resolution, (negotiation, conciliation and mediation) labour/employee relations and leadership and human resource development.

Locally, Sharon designs and presents training in her personal capacity to clients and she works in association with a number of training providers, the most notable being Conflict Dynamics (, a leading provider of conflict management and mutual gains negotiation training.  Sharon is particularly passionate about training which develops peoples’ awareness and capacity to better manage individual (interpersonal) workplace conflict.

Sharon is also a consultant to the International Labour Organisation, ( an agency of the United Nations, on whose behalf she trains mediators and negotiators internationally. She has conducted training for negotiators, conciliators and mediators in Liberia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

She also designed and developed for the ILO, a “training-of-trainers” programme which she has presented in various countries on behalf of the ILO.  She has recently been involved in updating the ILO’s negotiation and mediation courses which are presented across the world.

 Training approach (material design, development and presentation)

Sharon’s approach to the design and development of learning material as well as the presentation of training is firmly grounded in adult-learning and learner-centered methodologies. She designs material and facilitates training interventions in a way which actively engages learners in the learning process and thereby enhances the effectiveness of the learning.

Sharon’s training qualifications and memberships include:

  • Accredited “Training for Learning” trainer;
  • South African Qualifications Authority accredited ETD (Education, Training & Development) practitioner;
  • Consultant to the International Labour Organisation, International Training Centre,Turin,Italy;
  • Trainer with Conflict Dynamics; and
  • Trainer for the CCMA and Tokiso Dispute Settlement.

What Sharon brings to training

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to connect and communicate across cultures and organisational levels;
  • Highly developed presentation and facilitation/group process skills;
  • Energy, enthusiasm and humour;
  • A very high level of cultural awareness and sensitivity, having worked extensively with people from different ethnic origins, geographical regions and cultural backgrounds; and
  • Insight into human nature from her training and practice as a coach.


ILO Conciliation Skills training for Department of Labour and Employment, Philippines, Sept 2009 ILO Conciliation Training for Bureau of Labour Relations, Philippines Sept 2009 ILO Conciliaiton training for Economic Promotion Zone Authority Philippines, April 2010
ILO Negotiation and Conciliation Skills Training, Ethiopia May 2009 ILO Negotiation and Conciliation training for Social Partners, Liberia, Feb 2009 ILO Negotiation Skills training for Social Partners, Papua New Guineau, Dec 2009
Sharon training mediation skills Sharon with Sylvain Baffi, ILO Training Centre, Italy and Hilda Tidalgo, ILO Philippines ILO Conciliation & Mediation Training and Training of Trainers, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, November 2011
Sharon conducting training for conciliators and mediators and Labour and High Court Judges, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, November 2011 Sharon with Michael Lerner, ILO Technical Specialist, Tanzania and Sylvain Baffi, ILO International Training Centre, Turin – Tanzania, November 2011 ILO Conciliation & Mediation Training for Zimbabwean Ministry of Labour Officials, Mutare, Zimbabwe, December 2011