Coaching approach

Sharon is a Certified Integral Coach. She works in partnership with her clients to develop their awareness of how they interpret and relate to their world. Through understanding her clients’ “way of being” in the world and asking powerful questions, Sharon assists clients to discover new possibilities for engaging with the world around them. Together with each client, Sharon co-creates a unique coaching programme through which the client builds his/her capacity to become the “best version of her/himself”.

Sharon’s coaching qualifications and memberships include:

  • Certified Integral Coach (Centre for Coaching, affiliated to UCT’s Graduate School of Business);
  • Enrolled in Coaching Mastery School(Centre for Coaching);
  • Associate Coaching Course Mentor, 2012 (Centre for Coaching);
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Associate Coach;
  • Member of the International Coach Federation (US) and International Coach Federation Gauteng Chapter; and
  • Accredited Enneagram practitioner (Adfen International).

What Sharon Brings To Coaching

  • Passion, energy, insight and curiosity;
  • A fundamental belief in the potential of coaching to impact positively on her clients’ relationships with the “self” and others, both inside and outside of their organisations;
  • Specialist knowledge, skills and experience in managing inter-personal and organisational conflict;
  • Experience in working in culturally diverse environments, locally and internationally (Africa, Asia and the Pacific); and
  • Constant self-reflection and a deep commitment to her own growth and development.

 Coaching experience:

Sharon has coached executive and senior managers in many sectors including: legal, financial, mining/resources, engineering, public service, foreign governmental/development co-operation, retail, pharmaceutical, business consulting, health and international non-governmental.

What Sharon’s clients say 

“I can heartily recommend Sharon as an insightful coach who is empathetic, skillful and clearly understands the material she works with. I am extremely grateful!” Director, Leadership Consultancy

“What surprised me about the coaching, was how quickly thoughts and words started flowing because of the way that Sharon structured the questions. The environment was focused on discovering information and leading me towards finding the answers myself.  After the coaching, I was a lot clearer about how my thoughts and behaviour were impacting my life negatively and I could proactively manage it using techniques I had learned.”  Audit Manager, financial services

“Coaching came at exactly the right time, had it not come then, I might well have resigned. I realised that in spite of the environment that I work in, I can consciously see things and decide how I want to tackle situations, and many times this now means tackling things in a different way and using different language. Coaching has built my emotional intelligence. I cannot thank Sharon enough for her honesty, openness and guidance.”  Chief Director, SA government 

“Being in coaching with Sharon was an awesome experience. When I entered into coaching I was experiencing continual frustration. Coaching helped me become much more conscious of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour and how these impacted on my own sense of well-being and my relationships with others. Through coaching I developed my ability to stay present in challenging situations, to listen more deeply and be more open to different views and approaches.” Senior Manager, Banking industry

 “Coaching provided me with a fantastic opportunity to explore my habits. My sessions with Sharon were insightful and I’ve seen myself in a new way which will help me to grow in confidence in the future. I turned some really important corners during this coaching relationship. I could not have done it without a coach and I am very grateful.” Senior Manager, call centre industry

“I was starting to question the meaning and value of life… Sharon provided a sounding board for me. I found a ‘quiet’ space where I could talk and Sharon listened. I had not realised before how important it was for me to sit and be heard. I was listened to and not judged. I could be myself. I did not have to hide anything or to formulate words which were pleasing to others. Coaching made me realise that I am a human being, that I am skin and bones and that I do not have to prove anything to anyone.” Senior Manager, pharmaceutical industry

“Being in coaching was a great opportunity that I had for the first time in my life at age 77. I thought Sharon was going to give me answers about how to have a business and make money whereas I began to realise that she was dealing with me as a person. Her questions encouraged me to look into myself which I had not done before. I learned so much about myself and my behaviour and about new ways of doing things. I am so grateful to Sharon for this.” Health professional and community leader, Lesotho

“It was an amazing experience for me to be able to speak and then to be asked some really good questions by Sharon which made me think. Coaching helped me to see that the world is not black and white – I am now embracing the grey and making the most of it. I am loving work and looking after me at the same time. I am so grateful for having been led to this place and am left with two words: All gratitude.” Senior Associate, Sandton law firm

Associate Certified Coach, ADFEN, International Coach Federation